Original BBC Microcomputer Version
(C) Acornsoft 1984

Introductory Data

Interior Of A Cobra Mk III, The Cargo Hold, The Bridge, The Drive Sector, The Living And Hygiene Section, The Equipment Level, The Status Page, Your Rating As A Combater

Navigation And Flying

Navigation, Navigational Controls Galactic Chart, Worldata Link, Local Navigational Chart

A Coriolis Space Station

Leaving The Space Station, Basic Manoeuvers

Making For Your Target World

Hyperspace And Related Controls, Hyperdrive Across Galaxies, Docking Procedure

Interplanetary Travel

In-Flight Combat, Combat Protocol, Manoeuvering, Signs Of Danger, Likely Enemies, Bounty Hunters, Pirate Vessels, Police, Thargoid Invasion Ships And Thargons, Other Space Types, Rock Hermits, Generation Ships, Space Dredgers

Aggressive Weaponry

Defensive Measures, Safety Zone, Shields And Energy Banks, Non-Combative Equipment

Intergalactic Trading

How To Trade, Buying Mode For Goods, Selling Mode

Advice To Traders

Alternatives To Trading, Bounty Hunting, Piracy, Asteroid Mining, Free Space Cargo, Illegal Trading

Political Profile Of The Universe

Consequences For Trade, Alien Races