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Commandress Jannah A. Berihn is ranked as an ---- E L IT E ---- rank player on the BBC, Commodore 64, Amiga, Spectrum, Atari, IBM platforms. She is also a proud member of The Order Of Elite and has operated under the callsign rabidviXen since 1986.

Copyright Information: this site is based on Elite by Ian Bell and David Braben, first published for the BBC Microcomputer 32K in 1984 (C) Acornsoft Software. It is also based on Frontier: Elite II by David Braben, first published for the Amiga and IBM PC by (C) Konami / Gametek 1994. To a lesser degree is also incorporates elements of First Encounters for the IBM / PC by David Braben (C) Gametek 1995.

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